Why are we launching the Building Brighter Futures Fund?

We want to support the communities we serve. Our aim is to give younger generations a better, fairer life.

Social value studies have found that early intervention in a young person’s life will have a big impact over their lifetime. Therefore, we will be focusing on supporting young people and their families with:

  • Employment opportunities
  • Educational opportunities
  • Health and social care

Which locations will the fund support?

As well as continuing with some of the strong relationships built through previous community giving and our Young Futures programme, we will also focus additional funds in regions around the UK.
Colleagues can help decide which organisations will benefit by joining our selection panel. Each year a new panel will be created to focus on a different UK region.

This year, the areas are:

  • London & the South East
  • North East
  • North West
  • West Midlands

Who are we working with to deliver the Fund?

We are delivering the fund with the help of UK Community Foundations. They have branches all across the UK which are making a difference to people’s lives by distributing funds to those in need.

They will promote the fund and collect applications on our behalf. Our decision panel will then make the final decision as to which causes will be supported.

Do we still have Young Futures Reimagined?

We’ve taken what we’ve learnt from our Young Futures Reimagined programme and evolved it into our new Building Brighter Futures Fund.

Through the fund we will continue to support some of the Young Futures Reimagined charity partners we have built relationships with over the past few years. This will mean we continue to positively impact communities in each area we operate in across the UK.

Who can apply to be on the decision panel?

We need thirteen EMR colleagues to form the panels that will help decide which causes our Building Brighter Futures Fund support this year.

All EMR colleagues can apply to be on the core decision making panel, regardless of where they are located.
For the regional panels, we are looking for colleagues who live in the following areas – London & the South East, North East, North West and West Midlands.

Click here to apply to be on the panel that will decide which causes to support this year.

Can I nominate a charity?

All charities can apply to the fund. If you would like to share the details with a charity or community group you know, please ask them to contact us.

Can I raise money for the Building Brighter Future’s fund?

Yes, you can raise money for the fund, either individually or as a team. We will share a link with you soon.