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About the Building Brighter Futures Fund.

At the heart of your community, there are young people with the potential to achieve amazing things!

A child on your street could grow up to cure diseases. The teenager you pass in the supermarket might, one day, invent life-changing technology. Your friend’s son could be the nurse that treats someone you love or be the teacher who guides your grandchildren to reach their own potential.

But only if the opportunities are available to them.

The Building Brighter Futures Fund aims to ignite these dreams, open these doors and show young people – in communities likes yours, all across the UK – that they do have the power to design their own future.

We support UK charities, CICs and small charitable groups that work tirelessly to empower young people by funding employment, education or health and social care projects that help local young people to see and reach their full potential.

From helping young people to meet their full potential, to breaking down the stigma around mental health, the charities that will receive our funding are changing young lives in communities across the UK.

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By working together, we can be there for young people across the UK, helping them to be the best they can be. Watch and read about some of the people who we already help, and imagine your project as our next story of social success.

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Are you a UK charity, CIC or small charitable group that aims to improve both opportunity and perception for young people in one of the below areas? We want to help you to maximise your impact!

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