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We want to live in a world where every young person has the same opportunities.

No matter their background, dreams or challenges, every young person should be able to feel in control of their future, and hopeful about the journey that lies ahead.

But we can’t create this world alone.

EMR founded the Building Brighter Futures Fund in 2023 with the aim of igniting the dreams of the often-overlooked youth and breaking the cycle of deprivation for young people across the UK. The Fund is delivered by the network of Community Foundations across the UK and is managed directly by Cheshire Community Foundation.

Cheshire Community Foundation

Cheshire Community Foundation’s mission is to provide support through local philanthropy, sustainable charity finances and local partnerships, so that every community across the UK can thrive.


Founded by EMR, the Building Brighter Futures Fund complements this global leader in sustainable material’s goal of enabling a brighter future for all. By recycling, reusing and repurposing today’s unwanted materials so that they can become tomorrow’s products, EMR protects our planet so that future generations can flourish.

Some of the recent projects we’ve supported.