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Our FAQ is here to answer the most common questions. If you’d like to contact us please email

What is the Building Brighter Futures Fund?

The Building Brighter Futures Fund aims to give young people every chance to create a better, fairer life for themselves. We award grants to registered UK charities that run projects in education, employment and health and social care for young people.

Why does the fund focus on young people?

Social value studies have found that early intervention in a young person’s life will maximise impact over their lifetime, as well as indirectly impact the lives of the people and communities around them.

What causes does the fund support?

We support those working in the following sectors:

  • Employment opportunities
  • Educational opportunities
  • Health and social care support

How can charities and community groups apply to the fund?

Please complete this pre-selection form which will check if your project aligns with our selection criteria. If so, a member of the UK Community Foundations will be in touch when our application window opens.

Are there financial limits to what I can apply for?

Grand funding applications have a limit of £40,000. As we do not part-fund projects, or make contributions to ongoing fundraising appeals, the total amount you apply for must fully fund your project.

What types of grant funding applications are considered?

Applications should deliver on, at least, one of three objectives to be considered for support, these are:

Health and wellbeing

Projects that help young people across all the areas of wellbeing – whether that’s helping them to feel happier, help them to better manage feelings and emotions, increase their confidences, self-awareness and self-esteem or make more informed choices for their own physical, mental and emotional health.

Career and education

Projects that open doors for young people –help them to build important new skills; achieve their full potential in education or move into a job or start work-related training.


Projects that help young people to develop the right network around them – whether that’s through nurturing interpersonal skills, deepening their understanding of others, or developing their respect for people from all backgrounds.

How long do applications take?

Grant funding requests can take up to three months to review.

How will I be notified?

We’ll contact you by email to let you know the outcome of your application.

What is the success rate of grant funding applications?

Due to the large number of applications received, we are limited in terms of the support we are able to offer.

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How to I contact the Building Brighter Futures Fund?

The best way to get in touch is via email on