Start Young UK, a charity founded in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, aims to support young people in fulfilling their basic needs.

With their immediate response during the pandemic, they were able to deliver over 400 parcels throughout the area, including care packages and food hampers, underwear, gloves, hats and scarves. Since its inception the charity has developed a number of programmes which support young people throughout their education and into their chosen careers.

EMR Silvertown’s donation will support families in obtaining school uniforms and offer resources to the local Scout Group so that each child can attend for one hour per week. Start Young UK also used funds to provide Christmas gifts to young people, including personal care packages, food hampers and basic clothing items for the winter months.

Angela Caroo of Start Young UK:

“I would first like to thank EMR for all they have done to support these children and for joining our buddy scheme.“As a local organisation the support EMR has given is vital. Our hope is that many businesses join EMR in partnering with Start Young UK to help invest in our future generations.”