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Berkeley Primary School

Local metal recycler, EMR Sharpness based on The Docks has partnered with Berkeley Primary School to support the educational needs of local young children.

EMR has donated £5,000 to support teaching and learning by e-enabling local children. The donation was given as part of EMR’s Young Futures Reimagined initiative.

An initiative launched in 2020, EMR’s Young Futures Reimagined programme, aims to help young people across the country to build brighter futures. It does this by partnering with local charities, schools, social enterprises and community groups that support young people in their local area, offering opportunities that may not be readily available to them.

Barkeley Primary school receiving donation

Berkeley Primary School has origins dating back to the 1870s and has been educating children from Berkeley ever since, allowing children to explore learning with the support of their committed staff members. The donation will e-enable and support in the education needs of 184 students.

“We are thrilled with such a generous donation, which has enabled us to enhance the technology curriculum. This will help us to keep up with an ever-changing and fast-paced, advance in technology in future jobs and lives for the children we teach. Donations such as these provide opportunities that schools simply cannot afford with government budgets, and our gratitude to EMR extends from our entire school community. Thank you.”

Says Alexandra Robbins, Head Teacher at Berkeley Primary School.