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Terms and conditions.

If your application is successful, then the terms and conditions will apply to any funds paid by us to your charitable organisation, to support the project identified in the application, and no other.

The Grant and your obligation

  • The Grant must be used by you exclusively for the delivery of the Project, which is, and which you must ensure remains, a charitable activity for the public benefit. No material change to the Project or its implementation as set out in the Application may be made by you without the prior consent in writing of The Building Brighter Futures Fund
  • You agree to act in good faith in relation to your use of the Grant
  • You agree to keep accurate records detailing how the Grant has been applied and to provide this information to us upon request
  • Successful applicants will receive payment electronically. Applicants must provide sufficient information for payment to be made (i.e. by BACS or credit card) within 6 months of approval of the Grant, including proof of bank details (in a form requested by UK Community Foundations) to reduce the risk of fraud. Should we be unable to contact you on the details provided from your original application or you cannot provide the information required to arrange payment within the 3 month timeframe from approval, we reserve the right to withdraw our offer of the Grant
  • Payments can only be made to accounts held in the name of the charity, we will not make payments into accounts held in a person’s or individual’s name
  • Notwithstanding any other provisions in these terms and conditions, we (acting reasonably) reserve the right to ask you to repay all or any part of the Grant, within 14 days, which in our opinion:
    • has not been used solely for the Project;
    • has been used for non-charitable purposes; or
    • remains unspent at the end of the Term

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